Db Equipment Launches All-New Bike Bag and Accessories

The Savage Bike Bag: Durability, steadiness and compressibility + amazing accessories to protect your bike wherever you go

Working side by side with some of the most experienced people within the bike scene, Db Equipment developed The Savage, a revolutionary bike bag inspired by the lifesaving roll cages used in racing cars. The construction of The Savage centers around the unique and patented Db Roll Cage, and an internal framework protects the bike while simultaneously creating stability and structure for the bag. Downhill, MTB, Freestyle and Tri bikes are all welcome in the versatile bag.

The Savage Bike Bag - MSRP: $699

Db Roll Cage: The patented Db Roll Cage offers superior protection against impact and pressure loads compared to a conventional soft bag. Because of the aluminum frame, The Savage performs like a hybrid between a soft bag and a hard case bag with a very good protection-to-weight ratio.

Packability: The Savage entails the same advantages as a soft bag, meaning it weighs much less than a hard case bag and can also be collapsed and rolled up for easy storage– it can be compressed to 35% of its full size. The assembling and disassembling of the frame is quick, easy and tool-free. 

Size: One bag fits all. The Savage is designed to fit any type of mountain bike from Freestyle bikes to Downhill- and plus size bikes. With the included Road Bike Handlebar Adaptor the bag will also handle any type of road bike with a curved, detachable handlebar. The generous length of the bag allows bikes with wheelbases up to 130cm to fit inside the bag. One bag to rule them all.

Handlebar protection: The Savage offers enhanced protection of the handlebars- including brakes and shifters. One end of the handlebar is protected by a padded pocket on the fork protector and the other end of the handlebar is protected by Db’s unique handlebar protector. 

Secure fastening of the bike: The self-standing structure of the patented Db Roll Cage allows for a very efficient attachment of the bike to the bag. The bike is mounted inside the cage in a centered, upright position and secured with straps. To keep the bike steady during transportation, all the bike straps features buckles with locking levers, which prevent the straps from slipping and the bike from shifting position.

Hook-Up: The Savage is Hook-Up Compatible. Don’t ride with a full-face? You can still take advantage of the Db Hook-Up system to take a load off by attaching select Db backpacks including the Hugger 60, Hugger 30 and Base 15 to the back of the Savage.

Bike Bag Accessories

The Guardian Helmet Bag - MSRP: $69

The Guardian extends the life of your helmet with a heavy-duty ventilated case to keep it fresh inside and out. Compatible with DB’s hook-up system, it’s designed for full face MTB helmets up to size XXL/62. 

The Wheelie - MSRP: $129

Designed for wheels from 26” to 29” with a large zipped opening. The Wheelie comes as a set of two individual wheel bags.

Road Bike Adapter - MSRP: $19

The Road Bike Adaptor is included with Savage purchases for a limited time! Are you a tarmac lover? Don’t forget to team up The Savage with The Road Bike Adaptor to seal the deal.

Katie Hostetler

ECHOS Communications

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